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Documents required for Self Assessment

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The below is an indicative list of the various documentation required in order to complete your self-assessment tax return. Please work through the below list and provide the documents that are relevant to you.

Income and benefits from employment. Were you employed during the tax year? You need to provide income and benefits details from all employments in the tax year. These will be summarised on one of the below documents. For ongoing employment you will typically receive the relevant summarises when you receive your April payslips. P60 – received for each ongoing employment

- P45, received for each employment left during the tax year - P11D, received for each employment where benefits have been received - Any employment expense claims (travel, uniform, professional memberships)

Were you a director or other office holder during the tax year? Please provide details of all directorships (business name and capacity) and details of any remuneration received. If dividends were received these are requested further down.

Self-employment. Did you work for yourself during the tax year? Please provide details of each self-employment, to include:

- Business name;

- Date started trading if during the tax year, or confirmation it has been included in a previous self-assessment return;

- Details of income/expenditure during the year and any capital expenditure and any losses to be carried forward.

**Details of any Covid Grants Received**

Partnership. Were you in partnership during the tax year? Please provide details of each partnership, to include:

- The partnership business name;

- Date started trading if during the tax year, or confirmation it has been included in a previous self-assessment return;

- The profit/loss position from your partnership for the tax year. This should reflect all the income you have received less any expenses incurred wholly and exclusively in that business.

UK Property. Did you receive any income from UK property (including rents and other income from land you own or lease out)? For each property, please provide the following information.

- Property address;

- Details of the property holding – whether you own it solely or jointly; if it is owned jointly then please confirm the percentage ownership;

- Date the property became a rental property (this may or may not be the date it was purchased) if during the tax year, or confirmation it has been included in a previous self- assessment return;

- Confirmation if the rental property is a furnished let or not; and

- The details of income and expenses for your property rental for the tax year. The expenses need to be categorised into the following categories: 1) rent paid, repairs, insurance and cost of services provided; 2) loan interest and other finance costs; 3) legal, management and other professional fees; 4) other allowable property expenses; 5) adjustment for private use; 6) balancing charges; and 7) capital allowances.

Foreign income. Did you receive any types of foreign income? For example, interest from overseas savings; dividends from foreign companies; or income from overseas pensions and properties. For each, please provide details of the income amount, source (company name/bank account/property details) and any foreign withholding tax paid.

Trusts. Did you receive, or do we consider you to have received, income from a trust, settlement or a deceased person's estate? This does not include cash lump sums/transfer of assets, otherwise known as capital distributions, received under a will. Please provide details of any income received, detailing its amount and source.

Capital Gains. Did you dispose of any chargeable assets, or have any chargeable gains, or do you wish to claim an allowable loss or make any other claim or election? For example, a profit/loss on the sale of a second property. Please provide details of the asset and breakdown of amounts, for example, original purchase price, date of purchase, price sold for, date of sale, details of any fees associated with the sale.

Residence, remittance basis. Were you, for all or part of the tax year, any of the following: - Not resident, not ordinarily resident, not domiciled, in the UK; or

- Were you dual resident in the UK and another country?

If so, then please provide the details giving time periods, locations and income earned under each status.

Other income. Details of any other income sources, for example:

- Bank interest – you should receive an annual summary from your bank/building society showing this for each account. For joint accounts, only fifty per cent should be included in an individual’s tax return;

- Dividends received – please provide company names and the amounts and dates of dividends received; or

- Any child benefit payments received in the tax year. If child benefit has been received then please confirm if either you and/or your partner are a high income tax payer.

- Please inform us if you were subject to student loan repayments during the year.

Other expenses/payments. Details of any other expenses/reliefs, for example:

- Losses to bring forward

- Pension payments (other than those deducted at source by your employer)

- Do you wear a uniform?

- Do you work from home?

- Any professional memberships or subscriptions?

- Any Gift Aid charity contributions (relevant to higher and additional rate tax payers)

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