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Are you tired of being your own accountant? H & S Accounting Ltd realises that each specific industry has unique requirements when it comes to accounting needs and tax regulations. We have the knowledge and resources your company needs to grow and progress. See how we can customise our expertise to your particular business arena.

We work with a diverse range of trade and service types, some of the more complex are detailed below (but not limited to).

Construction Industry

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) has specific tax rules for subcontractors who work in the industry and how payments must be handled by contractors. 

Whether you are a self employed CIS subcontractor, a limited company subcontractor or CIS contractor, we can help with all aspects of CIS, from ensuring you are invoicing in the correct way, calculating CIS correctly, verifying subcontractors, initiating repayment claims or simply helping with the registrations. 

Music & Entertainment Industry

We work with many established music artists, theatre companies, producers and film & television professionals, along with content creators (including Only Fans). We understand that the expenses involved in this area are much different than any other trade or service type. We offer comprehensive packages to our creative clients which includes royalty audits, dealing with overseas tour taxes and ensuring we maximise income and minimise tax liabilities by utilising all reliefs and allowances available to you. 

Consultancy & Contracting

Within this sector, the IR35 legislation often comes into play, making the administration side of running a company, much more complex, as is the reporting and working out of tax liabilities and how to draw down fund from the company. We offer IR35 review of contracts and ensure our clients are compliant with the legislations, whilst advising on the best ways to proceed to ensure maximum benefit and minimum liability. 

Transport, Logistics & Removals

Transport, Logistics & Removals are an ever changing industry and cover many different job roles. There is an ever-growing increase in demand, particularly since the pandemic, in most associated roles. Many of which require individuals to trade through limited companies. We can ensure that you're compliant with all that is expected of you, whilst ensuring we keep up to date with all changes and progressions within the industry that could have an impact on your tax position. 

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